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Invest in your kid's financial future and raise confident, independent and business-savvy children

The only financial course for kids that has a hands-on profitable and practical application.

This kid-friendly financial course gives you and your child the tools to set up and run any business. Starting from the basics, you will learn the main aspects and foundations of a business, including how to set it up and how to run it. But most importantly, you will have fun while making money and learning!

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“Each box is different… you never know what will be inside, but you know the kids will love it”

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Teaching kids financial literacy takes work. It’s either too boring or too late. And who made you the expert?!

Most of us weren’t taught positive money habits by our parents or at school and have had to learn from our mistakes. We don’t want our kids to go through the same struggles but knowing where to start and how to teach them is overwhelming.

You’re probably wondering how you can teach your kids about running a business if you’re not an entrepreneur yourself

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You’ve tried paying for chores. You’ve tried to interest them to learn the value of money. You’ve encouraged them to set up a little business. Nothing works…

No matter what you have tried, you always run out of time and patience and are met with complete disinterest. Yet still, they ask for more things and beg to have what their friends have, even if it’s out of your budget. 

Why can’t they just see that it’s good for them? The approach must change.

Believe it or not, most of the families have the same issue. And there is a very easy and stress-free way to solve it.

dad and son calcuting money from sales with kids venture box

“I was at a loss on how to teach my kids financial literacy.

 They start so late learning about it at school and then it’s so dull, pdf after pdf… who wants to learn about interest rates in your first lesson?

So, getting a KidsVenture Box for Xmas was amazing. The kids were on it immediately. We got the service box and started on it straight away. It was very easy to set up and get the orders, kids got the taste of earning their own money and we started learning financial concepts together as a family. If I had this training when I was a kid – I would have been a millionaire by now”

- Tom R., Southampton

It is possible to get kids as young as 5 to be excited about running their own business, all they need is a bit of practice. You as a parent can be their partner or facilitator, whichever suits you best. What’s important is when they learn all of those concepts, they will know that their parent was there to support and help them with their first ever business!

Hi, my name is Anya and I’m mum to Eddie (8) and Dylan (6), who have set up this business. 

Ever since my eldest was born I wondered how to give him the financial freedom without spoiling him. You see, I have always been one of those parents who didn’t want to pay for chores… because I saw so many kids ask their parents to pay for everything afterwards. I didn’t want to pay for good marks at school either, as I wanted my kids to learn because they wanted to not because of an external motivator. And I felt that giving them a weekly allowance was not right for our family either…as what’s the right amount? So, after speaking to lots of parents and checking with my kids it seemed that opening their own business was the best way forward. 

My kids were not too sure how they felt about it as they didn’t really know what business was. So, we started with the basics, what’s a business? What’s a logo? How do you pick a name and how does it link to the URL…or, and what’s a URL? They had a million and one questions and lots of different business ideas. But by the time my kids started Kids Venture Box (which is their 4th business), they knew all of those concepts, they replicated the steps we have done with other businesses and focused on the new challenges. 

Apart from earning money, I have noticed that my kids also have a lot of respect for money now. They know if something is overpriced. They also don’t ask me to buy them little toys anymore – they have their own money to spend. And, they see business in a different light, which usually results in a lot of questions. I still remember the first time they asked me about “profit margin”…it was a very proud day for me ☺

Just imagine…

  • A child who earns their own pocket money in a safe and time-flexible way
  • The bonding time your child will have with you knowing that you are involved in their first business venture
  • Growing financial literacy, from learning about budgeting, selling/profit, to different types of costs, advertising, profit margins and opportunities. 
  • Having a child who respects money and understands how hard one needs to work to earn it
  • A kid who is not scared to open up any business in the future because they know all the steps already. 
  • Feeling confident that your child will have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the uncertain future

Our Kids Venture Boxes course gives parents and kids, on any budget, the power to transform their families and education.

How does it work?

boy with idea helmet as a young entrepreneur


Before starting the business, you need to know how. So we start by educating you and your children on finance and business in quick videos and activities.


Put this education into action with the business and make real money. With products or services, your kids' will easily pay back your investment and continue to build their financial knowledge through real business challenges

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Watch your kids’ confidence and independence grow throughout the course boxes. See how they begin to make their own business and financial decisions as they become business-savvy entrepreneurs.

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This kid's financial course is based on practical examples. And guess what, you don’t need to pay for it – just lend your child the money to buy the box and they will pay you back once they finish it!

  • 100% profitable boxes – no financial risk in buying them
  • No long-term commitment – start and stop anytime you want
  • Take as long as you want with each of the boxes – only order the next one when you are ready
  • Each business is safe and has been carefully considered for children
  • Connect with your child in a different way –be part of their incredible business development
  • Teach them financial literacy in a fun and family-friendly way. 
  • Watch their confidence grow
  • Learn some business concepts yourself while helping your kid! 
  • Give your child the financial freedom without paying for it.
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“My girls have so much fun making the products.

Our friends know that they’ll have a sales visit every time we get a box! The products are so easy to sell and my kids are very focused on developing their own business ventures now too”

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