• Let's Get Down to Buisness with Kids Venture Box

    Kids Venture Box was started and run by Eddie and Dylan, under close supervision of their entrepreneurial mum.

    The idea is very simple: introduce kids to business concepts very early and let them apply and learn more about those concepts by running real businesses.

    Yep, that’s right! Every box contains a profitable business.

  • We offer two types of boxes to start a business: a product box and service box.

    In the product box there will be a physical product to make and sell. In the service box, there will be instructions of how to sell a certain service.

    The most important part of each box is the essential business concept that is being introduced.

    Each box will have a different lesson. Our first lesson is all about SELLING and PROFIT. It’s important that kids don’t skip boxes, as each concept is important and will be used a lot in other boxes.

What will your child gain from Kids Venture Boxes?

Our aim is to familiarise children with essential business concepts so that it becomes second nature to them. So, in the future, if they ever decide to set up their own business, it will be easy and quick for them.

Why are all the start up business boxes different? Well, there are two reasons:

1. We really want the kids to know that lots of different businesses can make money

2. Different businesses can bring different challenges.

In the future, they will get an opportunity to carry on with one of the businesses that they have started when we introduce the concept of REINVESTMENT.

All in good time!